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A leader in the design and manufacture of state of the art packaging automation solutions since 1979

2017 2019

The Coesia Group acquires MGS in 2017. Coesia’s global network and engineering capabilities provides MGS with an excellent growth platform. MGS has continued to invest in product development to ensure further expansion in their innovative product offering.

The Coesia Group acquires MGS in 2017
MGS achieves growth in the global market

2010 2016

MGS achieves growth in the global market by focusing on four key areas:

  • Innovative Product Handling Solutions
  • Modular Pre-Engineered Solutions
  • MGS Quality & Project Management Systems
  • Best in Class Customer Support System

2000 2009

  • In 2000, MGS develops new products STEALTH Continuous Motion Cartoner and SideWinder Outserter. 
  • MGS created the Product Handling Group in 2001 and soon after launched a variety of prefeeders, Pick n’ Place feeders, and tray denesters.
  • In addition to product handling solutions, MGS continued to grow its secondary packaging offerings by launching multiple case packers and cartoners.
MGS new products
TL bowl feeder

1990 1999

  • Mel Bahr purchases MGS from his two founding partners in 1992, and grows the company by offering pre-engineered platform products in addition to custom machines. 
  • In 1996, MGS renews emphasis in product development process. MGS developed the VCS infeed module.
  • In 1997, MGS purchased TL Feeding Company, a bowl feeder manufacturer, which expanded their product line into feeding solutions.

1979 1989

  • MGS was founded in 1979 by Mel Bahr and two partners in Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA.
  • The first “shuttle” transfer for collating and other product handling applications was developed in 1980
  • MGS expands its facilities in 1982 and again in 1984.
  • In 1987, MGS sells its first trading card batch counter, which launches the company’s largest niche market: the novelty trading card market. 
  • MGS once again outgrows its facilities and moves to a newly constructed facility in 1989.
MGS facility