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We pride ourselves in being forward thinking and innovative - we turn our ideas into solutions, introucing new products and services that create value for our customers.

Expert Product Handling

Innovative methodologies for handing incoming product is the cornerstone to successful end-of-line packaging projects. At MGS, we develop, design and manufacture a complete line of product handling solutions to complement and enhance our entire line portfolio. Our capabilities include:
•    High speed infeeds
•    High speed singulation
•    Bulk to singulation and orientation
•    Intermittent and continuous motion arrangement
•    Accurate arranging and collating
•    Array of technologies for stack feeding solutions

Expert Product Handling
Integration Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

MGS is dedicated to delivering successful projects. We are experts in OEM equipment integration, enabling us to be the single source for your total solution.

At MGS, full-time PMP certified project managers partner with you to deliver your project on time and on budget.  We fully support all OEM equipment on your line, including engineering, validation, a single source FAT, installation, technical service and operator training. 

Our goal is an exceptional customer experience. Don't worry about coordinating multiple suppliers and schedules - let MGS manage your product and deliver a total solution.

The CT Platform

The CT Platform is a new common platform for all MGS cartoners, incorporating several OEE enhancing features.
•    Compact footprint 
•    Balcony Design – great visual sightlines, easy access to all parts of the machine for maintenance and end of batch cleanout 
•    Advanced carton pre-break opens the most difficult cartons
•    Validated changeover – carton size changeover in less than 10 minutes
•    Printing and Inspection inside the cartoner 
•    Separate high & low voltage enclosures -Enables quick and safe electrical access
•    Optional Illumaguard® available

The CT Platform
Illumaguard® - Increase your OEE!

Illumaguard® - Increase your OEE!

When a machine experiences a fault, it is vital that the operator is able to quickly find and fix the issue. This can be difficult and time consuming on a large, complex line.

The patent-pending Illumaguard®  system alerts operators to machine faults by lighting up the specific guard door panel requiring attention. The operator wastes no time locating the problem – which means your machine is up and running faster, increasing your OEE!

The Illumaguard® system features doors made of Acrylite LED®
•    Transmits light
•    Superior impact strength
•    Noise barrier
•    High optical quality

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