Nutraceutical Packaging Equipment

To help nutraceutical manufacturers meet evolving industry regulations and keep pace with increased production demand, we provide small, flexible machines that are cost effective and easy to use.

MGS Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Having high-quality, dependable packaging is critical for this sector. First, these products need to be protected from extreme temperatures and other environmental factors to ensure their safety and quality. In addition, regulatory concerns and the needs of e-commerce retailers make packaging even more important. We’re experts at helping nutraceutical companies with:

  • Bottles
  • Kit packages
  • Sachets
  • Small-dose packs
  • Blisters
  • Tubes
  • Custom solutions for unique products
MGS Nutraceutical Partners

What We Offer

As one of the top single-source packaging equipment suppliers to the nutraceutical industry, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions. We’ve partnered with manufacturers around the world to help them work through automation and find modular machines to easily accommodate more SKUs as they grow. Our equipment can fit seamlessly into a production line for ease of integration and greater flexibility.

MGS What We Offer

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MGS System for Recyclable Compliance Packaging

MGS provides automation solutions for unique nutraceutical packaging, such as the Craft Lock Box™, a 100% paper, recyclable and certified child-resistant carton. We consider ourselves experts in creating machines that can handle less-uniform materials, as well as those that are highly recycled.

MGS Stealth CT Cartoner

This cartoner features a small footprint, a variety of custom infeeds and no-tool changeovers. Capable of handling up to 325 cartons per minute, the direct-drive, servo-based design of this unit provides lower maintenance needs and greater accuracy. It can handle a variety of infeed product handling solutions, including predesigned modules for various types of containers.

MGS MatriX Case Packer

Serialization-ready and custom built for your product requirements, this case packer is ideal for a small footprint. Its positive vacuum case opener means you can virtually eliminate case set-up failures.

MGS CT200 for Blister Cartoning

This horizontal continuous motion cartoner can run at speeds up to 200 cartons per minute and has pre-designed infeeds for bottles, cartons and tubes. The touch screen user interface makes for easy operation and graphical machine feedback. Plus, its robust design enables it to operate around the clock and deliver consistent performance 24/7.

MGS RPP Batch Counter for Hand Placement

Our Rotary Pick n'Place machine vacuum precisely feeds pouched products into preset counts/batches for further downline processing.

MGS Bulk Feeding Centrifugal Bowl

This bulk feeder can handle up complex applications at rates up to 600 products per minute. Custom tooling means gentle, effective product handling. 

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Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

As a single supplier, we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly into your line, whether you have custom packaging or are modifying existing materials. The cornerstone of our products is our forward-thinking methodologies. You can depend on us to develop, design and manufacture equipment that provides exceptional performance and the highest levels of efficiency. 

Scalable Technologies to Increase Uptime and OEE

From product handling to secondary packaging, we’ll help you find the right machines to grow your company.