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Consumer Goods Packaging Machines

Eco-minded consumers are driving changes to packaging configurations. To help manufacturers, we deliver machines with world-class OEE that can adapt to multiple SKUs while ensuring high output.

MGS Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Consumer goods packaging has to do more than look good to shoppers. It also needs to be secure and durable to help protect items during shipping and prevent theft. This begins with having the right equipment that can handle a variety of packaging types.

For these reasons and more, many leading brands turn to MGS. For manufacturers looking for innovative ways to handle new products, we offer solutions for:

  • Product-handling systems
  • Outserting
  • Precise robotic transfer
  • Cartoning
  • Case packing
  • Palletizing
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What We Offer

If you’re looking for innovative, cost-effective machinery to help fulfill your packaging needs, look no further We help you get to market as quickly as possible by finding the most economical ways to optimize production, speed, safety and quality — while minimizing waste. We take pride in offering machines that integrate quickly and easily into your existingoperations providing more flexibility and dependability from your line. Examples of our solutions include:

MGS What We Offer

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MGS Case Packing with Palletizer

Our case packers feature quick changeovers and high-speed precision to ensure efficient support for the world’s biggest brands. Built with a small footprint of less than three meters long, these machines are compact enough to fit into virtually any type of configuration in your facility.

MGS Intermittent Pick n’Place for Multi-Cavity Trays

With its repeatable, accurate placement, the IPP is well-suited for trays and tubs, and features our Kwik Klips™ quick-change tooling. This is also the only feeder currently available on the market that is capable of being placed in a vertical or horizontal configuration. It features easy operation thanks to its clean, logical control panel, as well.

MGS Eclipse CT Cartoner

For over 40 years, MGS has fielded robust, reliable cartoners that boast the flexibility needed to handle a wide variety of SKUs. Capable of handling up to 80 cartons per minute, the Eclipse also features a robust design that enables it to run continuously, 24/7 without needing a break. Its design also allows for a large variety of infeed product handling solutions for multiple package types.

MGS CT200 and Eclipse CT for Bottles

Our comprehensive portfolio of cartoning machinery includes both end-load and top-load solutions that can handle a wide range of packaging formats. These machines feature the same small-footprint design as many of our other solutions, giving you more flexibility when it comes to planning your layout.

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Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

We take pride in the innovation and forward-thinking methodologies that go into everything we produce. Our customers know they can depend on us to create machinery that provides exceptional levels of performance and efficiency — no matter the application. We deliver a total solution by integrating OEM equipment to assemble a complete line and taking ownership of it all. This means we guarantee that all pieces work before they leave our facility.

We serve many of the most demanding sectors, including pharmaceutical, life sciences, food, personal care and industrial goods. Our customer base includes many of the most recognizable names in their respective industries, which speaks to the quality of our equipment.

Run Your Line to Its Full Potential

We’ll collaborate with you to design and deliver a complete packaging solution that gets you up to full production efficiency fast.