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Building on our proven Pick n' Place technologies, the IPP 2.0 features a streamlined design that accommodates a majority of Pick n' Place applications. With incredibly short lead-times and easy installation, the IPP 2.0 automates the feeding of trays, lids, paper, labels, multi-fold coupons, and more.

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Speed & Flexibility

The IPP 2.0 can be built with Kwik Klips™ or Clamp and Release quick-change tooling, enabling you to perform changeovers in less than 3 minutes. Utilizing this tooling means the machine can handle a wide range of products.

Clipping is factory-set for your specific product, so there’s no need for fine-tuning. This results in unlimited flexibility and operator efficiency.

Efficiency & Precision

Operating with smooth pivot rod motion, the IPP 2.0 creates steady, precise product placement - especially at higher speeds. 

With a small footprint and clean, logical control panel design, the IPP 2.0 can be installed anywhere and is easy to operate. 

25% Faster Than Previous Models

ipp 2.0


Max Speed: 75 cycles per minute

Product Size

Minimum Size: 26mm x 26mm
Max Height [in magazine]: 206mm clamp, 254mm klip
Max Width [across machine]: 432mm
Maximum Product Depth: 38mm




Kwik Klip or Clamp & Release assembly

Left or Right-hand control orientation

Quick-change tooling

Standard 30" magazine for large product capacity

Missed pick detection

Low magazine photo eyes

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Every unit we develop is built on a foundation of innovative, forward-thinking methodologies that ensure exceptional performance and the highest levels of efficiency. 

We have the expertise and experience necessary to solve even the most demanding packaging requirements for our customer base. When you choose to work with us, you can count on receiving the most appropriate solution for your needs.

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