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Avoiding downtime during COVID-19: A 4-Part Risk Assessment

As we continue to actively monitor the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we want to ensure our customers are aware of the measures we are taking to safely, and effectively, continue operations.

MGS is considered an Essential Business as we provide products and services to many Critical Infrastructure Sectors, such as medical, pharmaceutical and food supply, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). MGS is open and working to minimize the potential impact on our customers’ business and working toward solutions that keep production lines operational and all personnel safe in the process.

As your business navigates the challenges of nationwide product shortages, we recommend completing this 4-part risk assessment to reduce the likelihood of machine failure and avoid long-term interruption to production.

1. Evaluate Machine Performance

In many of the industry sectors MGS supports, manufacturing production is not only critical to the supply chain, but also to the end user during these times. We strongly recommend that all customers carefully evaluate production line performance and identify any areas of concern. In many cases, minor production issues can be rectified prior to becoming major concerns and affecting downtime.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your MGS equipment, please contact us without delay to discuss the potential severity of your concern, possible solutions and options. Our service team is standing by to assist our customers with questions or concerns. Our support team is capable of numerous lines of remote support, including video conferencing, live support streaming, and connecting to your PLC remotely to evaluate equipment performance through error/fault and run-time statistics. Controls program changes can also be made remotely, and our controls engineers can guide you through the connectivity steps required.     

2. Inventory Critical Spare Parts

In the event of an unexpected failure, having critical spare parts on hand allows you to immediately start necessary repairs and reduces further downtime. Although most spare parts are currently available, MGS is beginning to see longer lead times and less availability. We suggest that all customers take stock of their spare parts inventories and assess the risk of certain parts becoming unavailable for a period of time.

MGS is available to advise you on machine-specific critical spare parts that you’ll need on hand should you experience machine failure. We’ve also created comprehensive and discounted spare part kits, comprised of both general wear parts and more critical components. Having these parts on hand will reduce guesswork and effectively restore your operation before there is a serious disruption in your production performance.

3. Evaluate Technical Expertise

While government-imposed policies are restricting travel to and from manufacturing sites to essential staff only, we want to ensure you that MGS remote service technicians are ready to assist you in the event machine failure compromises your production capabilities. As always, MGS will provide technical support by phone, but also through video conferencing, live streaming sessions, data exchange of images and videos, and remote connections into controls in order to provide the most effective level of customer service possible.

Identifying key personnel in your organization who are technical experts on your production equipment will help to facilitate remote technical support by an MGS subject matter expert. Additionally, having a sufficient supply of spare parts, tools and internet connectivity on the production floor will also be critical to effective remote assistance.

4. Access Future Plans for your Machinery

MGS anticipates a large number of service requests once COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted. Customers that book service time in advance will be considered first for onsite support. If your business is planning services such as preventative maintenance, machine upgrades and modifications, or other planned services, please consider scheduling those services now to ensure that the MGS service team is available during your planned projects.

Our service team is here to assist you!

Manufactured goods that are critical for survival are now more essential than ever; ranging from medications and medical devices, to cleaning supplies and packaged foods, these products are especially important and are being consumed rapidly. As essential suppliers, we are tasked with the responsibility to replenish these goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. Effective and efficient production environments are essential to this critical supply chain and MGS is committed to supporting this effort in any way possible.

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