COVID-19 UPDATE: New Policies Implemented Across Coesia North America


As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, I would like to provide an update on what Coesia North American facilities are doing to ensure the health and safety of our employees, visitors and customers, while continuing to operate at the highest level possible. We are committed to supporting the supply chain of life essential products in any way we can, while doing our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

Proactive Measures
As previously communicated, Coesia North America assembled a crisis management team in early March to monitor the COVID-19 situation and steer prompt and effective responses as necessary. The team meets daily and reviews any recent government mandates (local, state, and federal) and CDC recommendations to help mitigate health and safety risks to our employees and visitors. The team also discusses and quickly addresses any developments that may impede or disrupt operations.

Safety & Health Precautions
We have organized ourselves to maintain our operations at the highest possible level of effectiveness following the local governmental indications, for the health and safety of our employees and visitors. In particular:

  • We have implemented “smart working” for all employees who have been identified as non-essential to operations taking place inside our manufacturing facilities. These employees will continue to work remotely indefinitely.
  • All essential employees and visitors coming into the facility must be screened and cleared by a medical professional before they are permitted to enter.
  • All essential employees and visitors are asked to follow social distancing practices outlined by the CDC.
  • Frequency of facility cleaning and sanitization has increased and administered based on CDC guidelines.
  • A detailed protocol has been developed to address an employee or visitor confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 that was in the facility.

Service & Parts
Our service technicians are available to travel to customer facilities with approval from the leadership team. However, we are strongly recommending our customers consider contacting our service department for remote, virtual troubleshooting and support before we dispatch a technician to their facility. To request more information about this service or to schedule a time with one of our service technicians virtually, please email: If the problem cannot be resolved remotely and an on-site visit is requested, we are asking customers to make a formal request in writing.

Currently, we are not seeing a disruption in procuring parts for our equipment. We encourage our customers to consider what parts they could potentially need over the next several months and order them.  

We appreciate all the sacrifices your employees are making to keep store shelves replenished for all of us. We continue to stand behind you and are ready to help in that endeavour in any way we can. If you have any questions about a current project, availability of new equipment, or immediate service need, please contact your account representative or email

Jonathon Titterton
CEO, Coesia Americas 


Our manufacturing facilities and service departments continue to operate daily. It’s important for us to help keep our customers’ products moving through the supply chain to meet the level of demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other organizations, we have made several policy and procedure changes (see below) to address the current situation to help keep our employees, visitors, and customers safe and healthy. We are proactively working with Federal, State and local authorities to ensure we can continue to provide our customers with the service and support they require, while keeping our employees safe.


Like many other organizations world-wide, Coesia North America is implementing new policies and procedures to help address the dynamic situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and visitors continues to be a number one priority for our leadership team.  

On a daily basis, we are reviewing local, state and federal government mandates and suggestions as it pertains to travel, domestic/international business practices, and social/networking events. This is a very fluid situation and we expect it to continue to evolve in the coming days and weeks. We fully recognize this will affect our interaction with you and your facilities in various ways. 

We have organized ourselves to maintain our operations at the highest possible level of effectiveness following the local governmental indications, for the health and safety of our employees and the community. In particular: 

  • We created a crisis management unit which is monitoring the situation daily, and steering prompt and effective responses 
  • We will be activating smart working for all the supporting functions not required to be physically present in the office in the coming days
  • We introduced measures to ensure minimum distances among people indicated by OMS are respected and a lower occupancy rate in the plants/offices/canteens is granted
  • We introduced restrictions for external people coming to our premises
  • We are actively collaborating with our suppliers to monitor their situation and ensure minimum possible impact on material delivery
  • We are leveraging all technological tools to collaborate with our people, our customers and partners around the globe irrespective of the situation

Effective immediately, our employee travel policy has been temporarily amended to only permit essential business travel. For our customers, we are asking if you require one of our employees to travel to your location that you make a formal request in writing. Any scheduled maintenance, service, and/or installation is considered essential travel and we will honor your request. 

We are also strongly recommending our employees to reconsider or cancel any travel that has already been planned and opt for a video communication application such as Skype or Cisco Meeting where applicable. 

The situation is unexpected, serious and needs to be managed in accordance with governmental indications, nevertheless we are working to minimize the potential impact on our customers’ business by taking any possible action to reconcile all the different aspects of this complicated and ever evolving challenge.  

Should you have any questions come up, please reach out to your account representative. 


Jonathon Titterton
CEO, Coesia Americas 

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