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MGS Success Case: Custom Engineering for Pharmaceutical Outserts


Pharmaceutical companies have turned to specialized, pharma-experienced printing companies to help them provide necessary drug information to the end user.

Technically a label, Pharmaceutical Outserts are multi-folded product information sheets that ensure patients, pharmacists and other medical professionals have the information needed to both meet government regulations and keep patients safe.

Because outserts need to contain A LOT of content and fit into very small cartons, pharmaceutical printers have developed several innovative printing, folding and packaging solutions to meet the needs of their customers.


A pharmaceutical printer had a unique application – they needed to stack and glue five thick outserts together to be included in a case of prescription drug bottles. This printer had previously purchased MGS TwinSerters (a tip-on machine stacking 2 outserts) but they could not source a standard machine capable of stacking five outserts.

Solution & Results:

Using the MGS TwinSerter as inspiration, MGS engineered a tip-on machine consisting of 5 coordinated RPPs to stack and glue the customer’s outserts. The machine was designed as a stand-alone, offline solution, saving the pharmaceutical packager space on their existing line.

Because the 5 product magazines could be safely loaded as the machine was operating, the machine was able to produce 160 stacked outserts per minute. No-tool adjustable side guides mean quick change overs and easy maintenance.  

Available barcode scanners, reject verification, “no-product, no placement” and pharmaceutical validation assistance documentation ensured that the printing company delivered exceptional quality control to their pharmaceutical customer.


The RIGHT solution from MGS

While the 5 outsert tip-on machine may not be one of our standard offerings, it illustrates how we listen to our customers to engineer the right solution for their application. We are proud to support this OEM customer in providing a high-quality outsert product to their pharmaceutical customer.

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