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Four current factors driving the future of the nutraceutical industry

Although nutraceutical packaging can be similar to that of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, a shift from pills and multivitamins to gummies and patches means manufacturers are looking for new delivery methods and packaging. Here are four factors currently impacting the nutraceutical industry, as reported by PMMI (the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute).

Factor #1: Scalable machinery solutions

The customizable nature of the nutraceutical business means manufacturers need flexible machines suitable for small batches or smaller operations that require custom builds. During initial product development, many companies need to set up small pilot plants that require one-off machines. And manufacturers of herbal supplements and CBD products often vary their delivery system and product concentration, resulting in dozens of combinations that require small-batch processing.

How MGS can help: We’ve helped several companies begin to automate processes, allowing them to increase their production rate while utilizing less staff. Our scalable technologies include hand-load cartoners, carton setup modules, bulk feeding, literature feeding, denesting, batch counting and more. We’ll help you find the right machines capable of growing with your company so you can easily plan for the future without too much of an initial investment.

Factor #2: Functional, easy-to-use packaging

Consumers’ rising interest in portable foods and beverages has resulted in the need for easy-open packaging such as perforations and notches. However, packaging needs for many nutraceutical products differ from pharmaceutical applications and often require industry-specific functionality and retrofitted machines, which can be costly.

How MGS can help: As a single supplier, we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly into your line. Whether you have custom packaging or are modifying existing pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food packaging, our machines can handle customer-centric formats.

Factor #3: eCommerce

The rapid growth of eCommerce has created a shift in nutraceutical packaging from glass and plastic bottles to softer packaging such as pouches and trays. Using these lighter, smaller and more efficient types of packaging not only helps manufacturers save money across the supply chain, they also work better for places such as Amazon, which often uses robots to perform the majority of packaging.

How MGS can help: We’ve partnered with our customers to help them gain efficiencies and save money across the supply chain. We’re experts at creatively manipulating products into smaller cartons to achieve less waste. In addition, our portfolio of feeding equipment can accurately place trays, pouches, tubs, lids, etc giving you ultimate flexibility in eCommerce packaging.

Factor #4: Traceability and labeling

In lockstep with the industry itself, nutraceutical regulations are still evolving. Currently, manufacturers must be able to trace their product back to its raw ingredients for transparency. They must also be able to ensure their labels and packaging meet regulatory disclosures. Even one simple ingredient change can result in a packaging redesign due to the ingredient disclosure needed. For companies under the oversight of organizations such as the FDA and state health departments, traceability and proper labeling are imperative.

How MGS can help: Whether you’re looking for a single machine or a complex, large-scale integration, you need a partner with deep industry expertise to help you meet FDA regulations. We’ve fielded thousands of machines to the world’s biggest pharmaceutical brands. We will help you navigate regulations and deliver a solution that ensures end-to-end traceability.

Need a nutraceutical packaging solution that helps you meet any new product need? MGS can help you solve your toughest challenges. Email us at or request more information below. 

To learn more about trends shaping the future of the nutraceutical industry, check out PMMI's full market report here:

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