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Kit Packaging for the Life Science industries: Four key capabilities for success

Assembling kit packages accurately and economically involves several types of technology. And for the pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical industries, the testing and validation process can be complex and time consuming, creating significant challenges for new product launches.

Here are four things to consider when looking for a partner to provide packaging solutions for your kit packaging applications.

1. Flexible and scalable solutions

Whether you require a top-load or horizontal platform, make sure your partner offers the flexibility to put your kits into whatever format you need. Need to add new products to your line? The ability to offer scalable automation levels can allow you to easily move from partially manual operations to completely automated processes.

2. Vast experience with track and trace

In some cases, you may need to validate your line to prevent counterfeits and protect consumer safety. Your partner should have the knowledge and experience with serialization systems for verification to ensure everything on your line — from literature to label sheets and carton lot/date codes — is accurate.

3. Product handling innovations to fit your needs

Innovative methodologies for handling incoming product is the cornerstone to successful end-of-line packaging projects. From multiple bulk-feeding options to tray feeding and handling to robotics, it’s important to find a partner who can help you accurately singulate and place product at a lower cost and higher speed. Robotics on the line can help you reallocate vital labor resources while providing reduced human error, faster and more accurate placement, improved safety and ergonomics, and a more hygienic environment.

4. Expert assistance in validation

When you partner with an experienced industry expert, you can lean on them to assist in your commissioning efforts. MGS’ Commissioning Documentation Package sets industry standards and greatly reduces the workload for our customers during validation. This is another way we can help you get to full production, as quickly as possible.


Need a comprehensive life science kit packaging solution that helps you meet any new product need? MGS can help you solve your toughest challenges. Email us at info@mgsmachine.com or request more information below. 

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