kwik klips

Kwik Klips - Fast, Repeatable Changeovers for Pick n' Place Technologies

Our industry-leading Intermittent Pick n’ Place and Rotary Pick n’ Place machines provide repeatable, accurate product placement.

As automation machinery providers with experts in every industry, we’ve partnered with manufacturers across the world to create unique product feeding solutions for key points of their line.


With our Kwik Klips quick-change tooling, you can perform changeovers in less than three minutes.

Utilizing this tooling, both IPPs and RPPs can handle a wide range of products on the same machine. Clipping is factory-set for your specific product, so there’s no need for fine-tuning. This results in unlimited flexibility and operator efficiency.


While our flexible IPPs and RPPs serve every industry, we have extensive experience with the following:

  • Food: Confectionery, bakery, meat and produce trays, ready-made meals, tubs, bowls, clamshells, carrier and layer boards
  • Life sciences: Literature, sachets, blister cards, vial trays, thin strips, transdermals, wound care dressings
  • Consumer goods: Greeting cards, stationery, envelopes, coupons, board games, sticky notes, gift cards

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