MGS introduces compact top load case packer for diverse packaging requirements

Especially well-suited for Home Care, Personal Care and Pharma, the Matrix TL delivers favorable speed and efficient changeovers in a small footprint

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. (May 24, 2023) – MGS, a global leader in packaging automation solutions, announces the release of its new Matrix TL top-loading case packer. For packaging facilities with low-to-medium production rate requirements and diverse packaging requirements, the Matrix TL offers a complete form, fill and seal case packing solution with a small footprint, competitive rate of speed and quick changeovers.

Market demand for variety and more sustainable formats is challenging manufacturers, with the proliferation of stock keeping units (SKUs), product types and packaging configurations – from specialty and seasonal packaging to different case sizes and formats for wholesalers or convenience stores. Satisfying such a wide array of consumer and retailer demands means frequent equipment changeovers to accommodate different packaging runs and having a large quantity of products and materials at hand, which take up valuable facility space.

The Matrix TL case packer easily handles the unique specifications of diverse packaging runs with speed and efficiency. It offers an effective solution for a large range of applications and product types, including Home Care, Personal Care, Pharma and Med Device, and works as a secondary packaging solution for Food and Beverage products like bottled or canned foods and drinks.

“There are already small case packers that produce 10 cases per minute or fewer and big packers that can churn out 25 cases or more that are more suitable for high-volume, low-cost Consumer Goods,” says AJ Lee, Sales Director, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Automation, MGS. “The Matrix TL hits that sweet spot in between, delivering strong production rates of 15-20 cases per minute in a small footprint – the base machine is just over 4 meters long."

In addition to competitive run speeds for these kinds of applications, the Matrix TL also efficiently transitions between package types and formats. Changeovers can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes through features such as:

  • Drop-in tooling for easy format changes
  • Customized pick head tooling that is simply swapped out for product changes
  • Precise packing recipe selections

As its name indicates, the Matrix TL is a top-loading machine, which makes it especially valuable for today’s packaging operations looking to accommodate sustainability and variability. Top loading is an increasingly popular solution for packers because it allows for easier arrangement within the case, particularly for packages like flexible pouches that can be complex to load. This handling and loading flexibility enables the Matrix TL to accommodate various product packing orientations for presentation purposes and allows for sustainable materials like paper trays to be placed in the case. The top load configuration can also help production lines reduce the amount of packaging used, such as loading bottles directly into cases without first putting them in a separate carton.

MGS is part of Coesia, a global group of companies offering solutions to automate a broad range of packaging operations across a variety of industries. The Matrix TL can be integrated with upstream equipment from other Coesia companies as part of comprehensive automated packaging solutions. Users of the Matrix TL can also use Coesia Digital software tools such as OptiMate, a human machine interface (HMI) with connectivity and smart functionalities to optimize equipment quality and performance, and PerforMate, an integrated internet of things (IoT) platform for real-time monitoring of individual machines and total systems.

To access images of the Matrix TL, click here. For video footage, click here and here.

About MGS

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