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MGS Supports Customers in Reaching Their Sustainably Goals

MGS is working with some of the world's biggest brands to help them reach their sustainability goals. If you're looking to lessen the environmental impact of your manufacturing operations and product packaging, MGS can help!

To help our customers with their sustainability efforts, MGS is focusing on the following initiatives:

  1. Packaging Products with Less Material
  2. Working with Increased Recycled Content and/or Mono-Material Packaging
  3. Improve Energy Consumption on Packaging Equipment

Packaging Products with Less Material

MGS' expert product handling creatively manipulates products into smaller secondary packages, helping customers achieve sustainability gains across the supply chain.

Utilizing smaller package sizes, our customers reduce the amount of raw material necessary to package products. In addition, reducing the footprint of each parcel means less energy to transport product, less space necessary to stack products in a warehouse and their supply chain will be able to handle the transportation of more units without accruing additional costs.

Working with Increased Recycled Content and/or Mono-Material Packaging

As our customers move away from traditional packaging toward more sustainable materials, we engineer solutions to automate their new processes, utilizing mono-material, paper packaging.

Mono-material packaging requires less energy to produce, but most importantly, it makes collection, sorting and recycling more efficient.

Improve energy consumption on packaging equipment

The MGS team is always searching for more efficient ways to run our equipment while ensuring product quality. 

We have developed several OEE enhancing technologies that ensure our customers get the most out of their runtime. 

Need a partner to help with your packaging-related sustainability initiatives? Contact MGS at or request more information below.

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