MGS outserting technologies

Proven Innovations in Outserting Technologies to Save You Time & Money

MGS recently shared several technology demonstrations while participating in the first, virtual, Pack Expo Connects trade show.

Check out the recording of Product Portfolio Manager A.J. Lee and Regional Sales Manager Chris Jones discussing how our TopSerter and ECOM machines help customers inspect, feed, and apply pharmaceutical outserts to bottles and cartons. 

0:54 - Who is MGS and how we support the life science industry

1:33 - How the TopSerter provides value

2:16 - The TopSerter can handle a range of outsert thicknesses, including twinserts, and can apply to round or rectantular bottles

3:00 - Introducing the ECOM - Extended Capacity Outsert Magazine. The ECOM can save you 0.75 FTE!

4:07 - How the ECOM works

5:02 - TopSerter outsert and bottle specs, speed range

5:44 - Video of the TopSerter and ECOM working together

7:18 - TopSerter available in two modes to fit your line

8:08 - Demo of literature inspection and verified reject

8:47 - Special considerations in clipping to ensure all outserts are fed properly

9:45 - Our validation documentation assistance documents reduce your commissioning efforts


If you would like more information on how MGS technologies can support your pharmaceutical outsert inspection and application needs, fill out the form below or email us at

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