Remote packaging machine installation

Providing exemplary remote service during COVID-19

Setting the standard for future remote support installation
In early 2020, we delivered a fully integrated thermoforming and secondary packaging line to a major medical device company in Brazil. This product line had five major pieces of equipment, including a central control system and an OEM thermoformer.

COVID-19 restrictions thwart installation plans
In March, our team was preparing to travel to Brazil to perform installation services. However, COVID-19 had other plans. Due to travel restrictions, the team’s trip was canceled the night before their departure.

Luckily, prior to the pandemic, we took advantage of our position as a Coesia company and arranged for a local onsite service technician to assist us with installation and serve as the future support point person. Due to the strength of Coesia’s worldwide service, this technician quickly became our key technical representative.

Maximizing the benefits of virtual support
Facing a tight deadline and the client’s increasing need to be at full production, we combined our onsite service with remote support. Via regular virtual meetings, we walked our onsite technician and the client’s operations team through every step of the installation process, including:

Physical equipment installation
Interconnect, startup, and performance testing

Overcoming another setback
After several weeks of installation, our onsite technician was unable to travel due to COVID-19. To keep the project moving, we assigned an internal client team to assume our technician’s responsibilities. Once everyone was up to speed, we were able to quickly move forward with performance testing, adjustments, various formats and qualifications.

Our in-person and remote collaboration pays off
After four months, the initial install, supporting QA, and the final SATs were completed and accepted by the client. Our ability to quickly pivot from our original installation plan to provide expert onsite and remote virtual support helped the client reach their goals and set the standard for all subsequent remote support installations.

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