Reduce Risk

Reduce Your Risk: Key Reasons to Work with an Integration Expert

Simplify your operations and reduce your risk

The benefits of working with a single supplier

Are you working with multiple vendors to design, install and support your line? From purchasing and scheduling to completing the FAT, that’s a lot to coordinate. And although it may cost less than working with a single integrated vendor, this approach could be costing you more in the long run, especially when it comes to your company’s efficiency and reputation.

Key reasons to work with an integration supplier

At MGS, we’re experts in integration. We design and support your entire line, guaranteeing all pieces of your solution work before it leaves our facility. We understand your most pressing challenges and are able to take on the big projects to help you succeed. If there are any issues with third-party equipment, we put together a solution for you. Our great working partnerships with trusted third parties gives us extensive knowledge that ensures your systems will work flawlessly.

Streamlined communication and project management

Our project management team will be your single point of contact. With four dedicated project managers who focus solely on managing your project within MGS and our OEM partners, we handle all scheduling, including:

  • Customer design review
  • Production
  • OEM management
  • Customer-as-built reviews
  • Customer product requests
  • Pre-FAT
  • Customer FAT

Reduced financial risk

With our integration and OEM management, we assume all financial risk, saving you time and materials. MGS handles all communication and OEM coordination by providing:

  • Full OEM equipment design review before production.
  • OEM-as-built equipment review before debug and FAT.
  • OEM FAT, with project staff traveling to the selected OEM and providing equipment documentation prior to shipping to us for integration.
  • OEM equipment support on your MGS-designed integrated line, including setup and layout, engineering, electrical, mechanical, controls, quality and SAT.
  • Full FAT: We simulate your factory conditions as accurately as possible to ensure the line performs as sold. By giving you the best possible view of how well the line will run at your plant, we can help ensure multiple machines and systems work together seamlessly.

Personalized service to support your long-term success

Through our global network of Coesia companies, we have experts in nearly every technology and industry around the world. Working with us means you’ll have one streamlined and efficient schedule to manage, one FAT to complete and one vendor to install and support your line. Our know-how, flexibility and passion for problem-solving help us deliver an exceptional customer experience and keep your line running efficiently and reliably.

Have questions on our integration capabilities? MGS can reduce your risk and solve your toughest challenges. Email us at or fill out the form below.

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