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Tailored packaging solutions for Pharma and Healthcare

MGS stands out in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry by combining standard machines with engineered-to-order modules, delivering complete systems tailored to our customers' specific needs. Our unique product handling capabilities are engineered for specific applications, allowing us to integrate whole lines that operate seamlessly. We specialize in secondary packaging that meets the stringent demands of the pharma industry, including serialization and other technical specifications. 

Our capabilities include: 

  • Seamless full-line integrations 
  • Complex product handling 
  • Proven history of managing unique formats and configurations 
  • Scalable serialization integration with your chosen provider 
  • Comprehensive inspection, traceability, and rejection systems 
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements 
  • Extensive experience in the Pharma & Healthcare industry 
  • Assistance with pharmaceutical validation documentation 

Key customer benefits include: 

  • Custom engineering when the application demands it 
  • Expertise in handling unique formats and changes 
  • A core focus on ensuring the line is in production as soon as possible 

From simple processes to complex systems, MGS ensures thorough machine check-outs to accelerate installation and commissioning schedules, expanding the possibilities for tomorrow’s packaging needs. 

Discover how our systems cater to diverse industry needs and a variety of applications.

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