Packaging Machine integration

This is MGS - Experts in Integration

Coordinating multiple vendors and managing multiple timelines to design, install and support your packaging line can be overwhelming. At MGS, we’re experts in equipment integration. By collaborating with you from day one, our know-how and problem-solving expertise in designing and manufacturing automation solutions helps you simplify your operations and reduce financial risk. We’ve built integrated lines for some of the biggest brands in the most highly regulated industries in the world.

We take full responsibility for designing and supporting your entire line, guaranteeing all pieces of your solution work before it leaves our facility — and making sure it’s installed correctly once it arrives at yours. And by having great working partnerships with trusted third parties, we have the extensive knowledge needed to create a complete line that works flawlessly.

Our dedicated project managers focus solely on managing your project, coordinating with any OEM partners and handing all scheduling, design review, production, product requests, build reviews, pre-FAT and FAT.

With experts in nearly every technology and industry around the world, working with us gives you one streamlined and efficient schedule to manage, one FAT to complete and one vendor to install and support your line. At MGS, our know-how, flexibility and passion for problem-solving help us deliver an exceptional experience to keep your line running efficiently and reliably.

See how MGS can help you run your line to its full potential. If you'd like to discuss your packaging application, do not hesitate to reach out. 

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